ELUP Representative System

What is the representative system?

The ELUP Representative System was introduced in September 2015 as a solution for the communication difficulties between international students, the faculty’s directorate and the Student Union. It is meant to create a continuous conversation in which all parties actively participate, in order to improve the quality of education and the general atmosphere of foreign students. There are two volunteer representatives in each class, all from the international students.

What are the main tasks and duties of a representative?

The representative duties include:

  • being the voice of the group
  • giving and sharing real and exact information
  • taking part in meetings with the Student Union and the directorate of the Faculty on a regular basis
  • forwarding critics and remarks of the other students anonymously
  • having a realistic view of the current news and being up to date with:
    • the curriculum and the differences between the classes
    • requirements
    • events organized for international students at the Faculty
  • they will be the first to get information from the Faculty or the Student Union that affects other students