Scholarship application for full-time international students

General information of application

The Student Union offers the chance for applying two times every year. The application periods are from October to February and from March to September (the programme described in your application has to happen during this period of time). The time to hand in the application is always the first week of March and first week of October. The current applications can be found on the webpage and on posters in PPK’s buildings. You can apply in three categories, however, one student can only hand in one application in one application period.

Cultural application: for those who organize cultural events for a group of students (i.e. psychology students) or for the faculty and would like to receive financial support for it.

Academic application: for those who organize academic events for a group of students (i.e. psychology students) or for the faculty, edit an academic publication, organize an academic conference or participate in it, and would like to receive financial support for it.

Sport application: for those who organize sport events, lectures, sport camps, or regular sport classes for a group of students (i.e. psychology students), for the faculty, or for any student of ELTE, train with a sport association and would like to receive financial support for it, or race and compete as an ELTE student and need money to participate in such competitions.

Every student who has ELTE PPK student status can apply; only criteria is that you have to have an active status.

Application deadline: 2020. march 17. 8:00- march 20. 23:59
End of missing period: 2020. march 23. 23:59
The application must take place in the following period: 2020. march 17 – 2020. october 5.
The settlement deadline is: 2020. october 5.  23:59

What do you need for a correct application?

  • completed application form, with the name of the category written on it (the application forms can be downloaded from the website of PPK Student Union)
  • description of programme (maximum 2 pages)
  • exact budget calculations
  • authentic teacher’s recommendation (seal of department or institute)
  • in case of group application: the group’s previous activities, and the list with the names of the people who participate in the application
  • proof of student status.

How we consider the applications: only some of the applicants receive the financial support because there are more applications than money available for them. Those who hand in outstanding applications will receive enough money to achieve their goal described in the application. Unfortunately there are some applications that we cannot support financially. Only those receive financial support, who reach to a certain score (there are a few things which we consider, such as: the application has to be of public utility, well edited, accurate and trustworthy). This score is not always the same, but it depends on the number of applicants, the financial support applied for and on how much money is available to give.

The applicant has to account to the Student Union about how he or she spent the money; the deadline for this is either the end of September or the end of February, but the applicants will be informed about this in e-mail.

What you need for such account or settlement:

– a correctly filled report paper

– a written document of how you used the received financial support

– receipts given to your name, or transmission contract signed by two witnesses.

You need all three of the above mentioned for the account to be valid. If this is missing the applicant – in case of group all of the members of the group – will be ruled out from the opportunity of the next application until he or she makes up for the missing duties and documents. In case of group applications the receipts have to be on the name of the person who has the name on the application form as well.

Attention: the receipt (a simple bill is not valid) has to have the applicant’s name on it, we are not accepting it in any other way.