Scientific, cultural and sport scholarships

Instructions to application submissions

Scientific, cultural and sport scholarships – Pre-funding
Scientific, cultural and sport scholarships – Pre-funding- INSTRUCTIONS

Scientific, cultural and sport scholarships – Post-funding

Scientific, cultural and sport scholarships – Post-funding- INSTRUCTIONS

Aim of the call:

Awarding scholarships to those, who have made outstanding contributions to the scientific, cultural or sport life of the university.

Who can apply:

Any student who in the given semester has an active registration on a full-time course at ELTE PPK, thus state-funded and self-funded students as well. Active students status is required.

How to apply:

Through the Neptun academic system, under the ’’Administration” and ’’Requests’’, choosing the correct category (Cultural/Scientific/Sport). One student is eligible only for one application per semester (cultural, scientific or sport).

Currently, only pre-funded applications can be submitted. Therefore, you can apply for events that will be held after the current application period.

A post-financing application period will take place in the spring according to the previous system.

The amount awarded may not exceed 200 percent of the student norm. (The concept and amount of student normative is set out in Section 114/D (1 a)) of Act CCIV of 2011 on NFTV.)

Application documents to be attached:

  1. A brief description of the event
  2. Authentic documents/invoices confirming the activity, which are in the applicant’s name or a budget plan
  3. A recommendation from a lecturer
  4. A list of all the names of the participants
  5. A document in your own name, with a stamp or signature confirming your participation and your placement in the competition

More details can be found in the call for application!

If the application is still incomplete after the one opportunity to rectify the deficiencies, it will be rejected by the KÖB without a decision on the merits.

All the deadlines for the submission of applications and the submission of reports for the second semester of 2023/24 can be found in the call for application in a table!




Application deadline: By the 5th of each month from February to May 2024.

Time period to submit missing documents:  until the 10th day of the month of the application

Eligible period: March 10, 2024. – October 9, 2024.


Application deadline: 22th April 2024 08:00 – 28th April 2024 16:00

Time period to submit missing documents: 28th April 2024 16:00 – 5th May 2024 16:00
Eligible period: 20th November 2023 – 28th April 2024

For further information, and questions about the application, please feel free to contact us at!