How we work

Dear Students of the Faculty of Education and Psychology (PPK),


To help you get to know the Student Union (SU) better, we would like to give you a brief overview of how the organization is structured, what our statutory tasks are and which issues you can contact us about. We hope this will help you to know who to approach with your questions and to make the observations you may have.


What is the role of the SU?

  1. to ensure the representation of the interests of the members of the SU in all matters affecting them, both in faculty, university and national bodies.
  2. to assist students in their academic, scientific and other university-related matters
  3. to support the professional and community activities of students, to promote self-active student groups
  4. to inform students, through all possible channels of communication, about the activities of the Student Union and about issues related to the life of the Faculty
  5. to assist students in obtaining high-quality scholarships abroad;
  6. to cooperate with national and international student organizations;
  7. to provide cultural, scientific and sports opportunities;
  8. to participate in the development of the Student Evaluation of the Work of Teachers
  9. to organise events for the faculty, in particular the Freshers’ Camp and the Freshers’ Ball.


Organogram of the Student Union

Assembly of Delegates

It is the main decision-making body of the Student Union, whose members are

directly elected by the students of PPK. The Delegates’ Assembly may decide on all matters, which are included in the Statute of the PPK. Decides on issues such as the approval and mid-year modification of the annual budget of the SU, election of the members of the Audit Committee, election of members and alternates to several faculty committees, may hold the President and the Board to account and deciding on the dissolution of the SU as a whole.



The main decision-making body of the Municipality between the executive and two meetings of the Assembly of Deputies is the Board.

It is composed of:

  1. the President,
  2. the Vice-President,
  3. the Vice-President responsible for Szombathely affairs,
  4. the Vice-President for Organizational Development
  5. the President of the Student Welfare Committee,
  6. the President of the Economic Committee,
  7. the President of the Communication Committee,
  8. President of the Foreign Affairs Committee,
  9. President of the Events Organizing Committee,
  10. President of the Academic Committee.


The Board is directed by the President of the Student Union. The Board exercies all the powers conferred by university and faculty regulations on the and the powers conferred on the Student Union.



The specialized bodies of the SU are embodied with decision-making and executive powers, their tasks are described in the Statutory.


In the following description you can read about the work of the committees that may be relevant for you during your studies.

Here you can find the contact information of the members of the SU:


Student Welfare Committee

The members of the committee are the President, the Equal Opportunities Officer, who represents students with special needs and disadvantages at the Faculty and the Applications Officer, who is responsible for the evaluation of scientific, cultural and sporting applications to the Faculty.

On what issues can you contact the committee?

  • scientific, sports and cultural scholarship /
  • short-term professional study trip scholarship /
  • in case of disadvantage or special need /


Economic Committee

The president of the committee directs and manages the financial management and economic administration of the SU. The president prepares the annual budget proposal for the SU, and the previous year’s budgetary report, submits them to the Assembly of Delegates.


Communication Committee

The President and the members of the committee are responsible for all the offline and online media sites of the SU. Their main task is tto provide students with a wide range of information, with particular emphasis on faculty, university, national and international higher education issues and current affairs. 

On what issues can you contact the committee?

  • If you have any information material that you would like to share with other students, such as events, job opportunities, scholarships or student group /
  • if you would like to place posters around the building of Kazy and IZU / kommunikació
  • If you would like to have your essays, novels or poems published in the Faculty Magazine Perspektíva /


International Affairs Committee

The members of the committee are the President, the Chief mentor and the International Information Officer.The committee has two main tasks. On one hand, the committee’s job is to inform the students about the international opportunities, exchange programs and scholarships that are available for the students at PPK. On the other hand, they help the incoming international students to navigate in their everyday life at ELTE and Budapest as well.

On what issues can you contact the committee?

  • if you are interested in international opportunities /
  • if you need help with your everyday life as a student, such as accommodation, healthcare, events etc. /


Event Organizing Committee

The main task of the committee is to help the integration of the freshmen students by organizing various programs at the Faculty. The members are the President, the Cultural Events Officer, the Sport Events Officer, the Logistics Officer and the Animator Coordinator who organizes the work of the animators.

  • if you are interested in the programs of the Student Union /
  • if you have questions regards to a specific event organized by the SU /


Academics Committee

The members of the committee are the president, the delegate coordinator, the scientific officer and the Teacher’s Training Officer. The main task of the committee is to help the students’ academic life by taking positions of principle on academic matters, help the incoming students with academic questions and create various opportunities for advancement in academic life.

  • if you have questions on academic matters /
  • if you are interested in publishing your thesis in the Faculty’s biannual journal, Tudományperspektíva


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee’s responsibility is to supervise the proper functioning of the Student Union and monitoring the correctness of decisions taken in the course of its operations. Any student can initiate a review at the Audit Committee, which could prompt an audit process of the Student Union.